Low price - Best quality - Good connect to city


The Arena Camping is waiting for its guests in the heart of Budapest, all year round, in a beautiful, green environment, with renovated plumbing that is kept clean every time, and with available prices

Wi-Fi free of charge, on the whole area of the camping

Kind, helpful and customer oriented staff

It has got a central situation in the heart of Budapest

The babbling brook, the green environment, the tended area with grass

The new, exacting plumbing that is kept clean every time

Excellent rate of the prices and the value, the most proper prices

The guests' house

The guest’s house, that is opened newly, is a massive, winterized, lightweight wooden house. The wood, according to its natural material you will already feel the smell of wood at the entering the room, the beneficent effect of the wood on the well-being, the spirit and the on the mood.

Every bathroom has got a different entrance; you have got a beautiful view on the camping’s well-kept area, with ancient trees.

There are 8 rooms in the Camping, with an own bathroom. The exacting rooms, equipped with a Tv-set, have got a basic area of 20 square metres, in that there is situated, among others, a custom-designed, massive double bed. The mattresses, found in the double bed, belong to the quality ones, that that can be bought today in the market. We provide spotless purity, crisp cotton bed linen; towels and liquid hand wash soap in the rooms.

In every room, if it is desired, there is the possibility, to put in an extra bed.

The guests’ houses, because of their A+ energetical classification, have got an excellent sound and heat insulation. We assure you a pleasent warm in the winter, and pleasent cool, in the guests’ house.

We provide the guests of the Guests’ house, a comfortable, and safe parking, free of charge.

The Central European Conference Centre (CEU) can be found in the neighbour, where the guest of the Camping, can have a meal with a discounted price, a copious luncheon costs 2,5 Euro (800 HUF) per person, a three courses dinner, or supper costs 4 Euro (1 200 HUF) per person. The guests can choose free a soup, a main, and a dessert, from several menus. The meal can be demanded at the local.

You mustn’t smoke in the rooms, but let it not make the nicotine dependent guests discouraged, because if you step out the room, you arrive outdoors, where you can smoke free.

We can accept a small, and house broken doggie per room, with an extra price of + 2 000 HUF/Night.

The satisfaction of the guests is primary at us. We shall help you with any questions you will have got.

It is simple and great – Let you also be the guest of the Arena Camping’s Guest House!

The room can be occupied from 18 O’clock, on the arrival day

Please, leave the room until 10 am, on the day of the departure

We please our guests to confirm their arrival, on the previous day, per phone, or in a written way, and inform us about its expected time.

It is ideal for those, who are searching a qualitative accommodation, in the capital that they can pay for. The correct price gives you the possibility to spend more on the experiences in Budapest!


Room with an own bathroom

Generally: 9.500 HUF / 2 Persons /Night

In main season: 15.000 HUF / 2 Persons /Night

+ putting in an extra bed: 2.000 HUF / Person /Night

Main season:

Formula 1: 28. July 2017 – 31. July 2017

Island Festival: 08. August 2017 – 18. August 2017

New Year’s Eve: 26. December 2017 – 03. January 2018.

The prices include the tax


You will find the most favourable prices of a camping, and an accommodation at us, in Budapest! The favourable prices assure you the possibility, to spend more on the experiences of Budapest.

We haven’t risen the prices in 2017 so we assure you the favourable price from the previous year.

Pricelist 2017

Person 1.500,- HUF / night
Tent 2.000,- HUF / night
Caravan / Motor caravan 4.500,- HUF / night
Child, aged 4 to 14 years old 1.000,- HUF / night/ person
Dog 500,- HUF / night/ person
Room with it’s own bathroom 9.500,- HUF / night/ 2 persons ×

For example:

2 persons + 1 place of tent (with parking, possibility of using the electricity) for 1 night

(2 × 1.500 HUF) + 2.000 HUF = 5.000 HUF

In case of a room with an own bathroom the prices are not valid in the main seasons.

ACSI Card Discount in the defined periods

Under the age of 4, the camping is free of charge for the children!
The prices include the tax, and the services.

You can pay just in cash in the camping. You can pay the charge of the accommodation in either HUF or in Euro.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept any credit or debit cards, but next to the camping, there are several ATMs.